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Hello and welcome to my blog. Probably you are interested of one of my reblogs or you just want to know something about me. Thank you. This blog is updated with my personal tastes and my cruelty sence of humor c:

Don't be afraid of talk with me in english or spanish. I can speak them pretty well. Oh, and I almost forgot it. Call me Cari. An eighteen law student.

I usually like (and reblog) fashion and style photos, books, random shit, models, landscapes/portraits, videogames (ace attorney, Proffesor Layton or FF XIII only), zombies, healthy way of life stuff and things about Hetalia Fandom.

I hate fast food and bugs. Just don't talk about them here c:

If you have any question, just ask. I don't bite, I promise. <3

Thanks for following me and we'll see on dashboard.